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About Us

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Alchemy Health is a telemedicine platform founded and operated by healthcare professionals. We aim to provide convenient, high-quality medical solutions and optimize healthcare accessibility. We offer virtual visits for a broad range of medical conditions, making healthcare fast, reliable, and accessible from anywhere. Our team consists of licensed healthcare professionals who prioritize patient safety and confidentiality through secure channels.


Have questions? We Have Answers

Do you take insurance?

We do not bill any type of insurance. Payment is made by secure online methods.

How does this work?

Alchemy Health uses secure telemedicine technology to connect you with a licensed healthcare
professional who will provide you with prescription treatment to address your concerns conveniently
and affordably.

During your online visit, your healthcare professional will ask you about your general health and your
concerns. If required, they may need an unedited photo of you and your ID (that shows your picture and
birthdate), so they know who they will be helping. For certain conditions, a photo of the affected area
may also be needed for evaluation.

After a discussion with you, the healthcare professional determines if you’re a candidate for
telemedicine, which treatment would be appropriate for you, and sends the prescription to the
pharmacy of your choice.

Not only will your provider start you off with prescription treatment, but they will partner with you on your healthcare journey, re-evaluating and adjusting your treatment as necessary.

Who are we?

Alchemy Health is a physician owned and physician managed telemedicine practice that focuses on
helping patients receive convenient treatment for every day medical problems. We don’t make it
complicated. From booking an appointment, to speaking with a licensed healthcare professional, to
receiving advice, prescriptions and follow up care- we are just a click away.

How can l book an appointment?
Who can access our telehealth services?

Our telehealth services are exclusively available to residents of Virginia only. We are committed to providing quality healthcare to the local community.

How much does a telehealth visit cost?

First time consultation- $99

Follow up appointment- $49